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33-34 2 in chop 3win
NEW! Now available in stock height, 2" straight chop and 3" California Kid style chop with slanted windshield post.

Standard Body Features:
• Filled roof and cowl top
• Doors hung and latched
• Complete floor (smooth)
• Wood reinforced with tack strips
• Steel cowl brace
• Interior garnish moldings
• Package tray with rear window box

the ''33/34 3W Coupe 
body package includes:

• C-500 Body
• Four fenders
• Pair of inner fender panels
• 33 or 34 Fiberglass grille shell
  with stainless steel teeth
• Stock or smooth running boards
• Gas tank cover (choice of style)
• Grille baffle
  No Cost Options:
• Stock or hidden hinges
• Stock or smooth dash
• Trunk or Rumble
• Your choice of top height
• Stock or recessed firewall
• Smooth or stock ribbed firewall
Part# Description Price
C-500 1933/34 Ford 3W Coupe Body Only $8000
C-501 1933/34 Ford 3W Coupe Body Package $9920
EW34C Power windows installed with side and rear light grey tinted glass $600
WF-34 1934 Windshield Frame $275

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Rolling Package Available 

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